Dental Implants
Dental CT - Scan

Brooklyn CT - Scan     Precision Dental Implant Placement

A key tool to successful implant placement is Computerized Tomography or (CT).  Cts allow 3 dimensional visualization of the jawbone.  This is essential for successful implant placement.  The jawbone with all the ins and outs of the nerves that go through it as well as all the other characteristics of the jawbone can now be seen in 3 dimensions.  This allows for the dental implants to be placed properly so that you can avoid the problems caused by improper placement.  A CT scan assures obtaining the best possible results for your implants.

CT scans are done at our office utilizing a state of the art  CT scanner.  What is even better our Next Generation Imaging Sciences CT scanner delivers less than half the radiation of a full mouth series of x-rays.