Save Your Implants (Lapip laser) And Save Your Teeth ( Lanap laser): The 4 Necessary Steps To Create

And Maintain A Beautiful, Healthy Smile


Over 30 Years of Experience Ensure These Steps Are Done Correctly

New Gentle Laser Therapy can Save your implants and teeth

 The process of saving your teeth and implants begins with an accurate diagnosis. At Brooklyn Periodontics & Implantology Michael E. Abrams, DDS utilizes laser assisted new attachment protocol to save teeth with gum disease and failing implants

Once an accurate diagnosis is made, a custom treatment plan is created by Dr. Michael E. Abrams utilizing Millennium LANAP or LAPIP where indicated.

Use of the most current materials, technologies and techniques will give you the best results possible. At Brooklyn Periodontics & Implantology we continuously upgrade our technology to offer the highest level of care. Lanap and Lapip are one of many new technologies available to save your implants and teeth. 

Dr. Abrams also organizes learning opportunities about the latest advances for our greater New York City and Brooklyn dental communities. See what Dentistry Today is saying about Laser Implantology!  At our state of the art Brooklyn office Dr. Michael E. Abrams has painlessly saved thousands of teeth and implants using the Lanap and Lapip laser technique.

After your teeth and implants are saved, they must be kept healthy through specialized supervision. Keeping your implants and teeth healthy is a team effort requiring your continuous commitment. Our periodontal and implant maintenance appointments are specifically designed so we can monitor and treat any breakdown as early as possible.




Learn about the Millennium Laser, LANAP® and LAPIP, the ONLY FDA cleared protocol to help save your implants and teeth.