Laser Therapy

Laser Treatment of Gum Disease & Failing Dental Implants with LANAP

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Laser treatment is a non surgical option for patients with moderate to advanced gum disease who would prefer minimally-invasive therapy for periodontitis, gingivitis, and periodontal conditions that may occur with dental implants. There are no sutures or scalpels with the Lanap laser technique.  This gum disease laser therapy has minimal discomfort. Treatment and recuperation are usually shorter than with traditional surgical procedures.

Brooklyn Periodontics uses the well-established and highly-successful LANAP technique. LANAP  stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Protocol. Dr. Michael E Abrams uses this method to promote tissue and bone regeneration and eliminates the bacteria that cause gum disease. It also reduces the pockets around the teeth to prevent tooth loss and stimulates the formation of new root-surface coating and connective tissue on tooth roots. Since laser energy targets diseased tissue and spares the underlying connective tissue, there is minimal bleeding, swelling, gum recession or root sensitivity following treatment.

At Brooklyn Periodontics, Dr. Michael E. Abrams has been using Lanap laser therapy to save teeth and  implants with great results for many years. 

For best long-term results, patients should follow-up laser treatment with regular periodontal appointments and maintenance, and continue high standards of oral hygiene at home.

Dr. Michael E. Abrams who is certified to perform LANAP therapy, has accumulated extensive expertise in treating both teeth and implants and encourages you to call us at 718-444-3800 to find out more about this virtually painless breakthrough technique.